WTG’s needs assessment and design services ensure that your recovery and continuity requirements are defined accurately and with just the right detail to ensure an optimal solution. We know when a small increment in your requirements will make a large move in your solution’s cost and complexity. And we know when large increments will have little or no impact. We never under analyze or over analyze and we always spend our time and yours where it counts.

Designing the most cost- and operationally-effective solution requires knowing first-hand what works and what doesn’t–across hundreds of implementations. It also requires an intimate understanding of the dozens of ever-changing technology products that are the building blocks of the best solutions. WTG solution designs reduce the RTO and RPO though planning not spending and have saved our clients tens of millions of dollars in the process.

Executive IBPD (BIA Refresh)
An annual or bi-annual refresh of your critical process as your organization evolves.
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Iterative Business Process Decomposition
A faster, more accurate, less expensive alternative to the traditional business impact analysis.
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Critical Application Workshop
A proprietary method to get to an IT and business “owner” consensus on critical applications.
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Recovery Architecture Design
Impartial, custom recovery architectures that leverage your current capabilities to meet the business’ needs.
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Systems Availability Architecture Design
Cost- and operationally-effective availability ranging from traditional tape recovery to active-active.
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Data Availability Architecture Design
Comprehensive data availability solutions employing the latest techniques and technologies.
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Application Availability Architecture Design
Application-specific solutions for your most critical or difficult applications.
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People Availability Architecture Design
Proven solutions to make sure your people are there when you need them.
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Internal Recovery Solution Design
When a commercial hotsite is no longer enough.
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Work Area Availability Design
Working from home is great, but it isn’t for everyone…especially at-time-of-disaster.
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