When a computing environment reaches a certain size and complexity, traditional recovery techniques are simply no longer valid. The resource drain and the complexity of using outdated techniques to recover today’s large, multi-platform environments quickly becomes much costlier than a hybrid internal-external solution that inherently offers an operationally simpler and more cost-effective solution. Many companies believe that their IT environment has reached this point of complexity and are concerned that they cannot meet the business’ recovery objectives using traditional techniques at a commercial recovery facility.

This is WTG’s specialty. We offer a unique focus on multi-tiered, hybrid recovery architectures and on establishing disaster recovery as an inherent part of continuous business operations. We believe that it is no longer sufficient to address “disaster recovery” or even” business resumption” as typically defined in the industry. Instead, the focus must be to facilitate continuous business operations… that is, to prevent disaster interruptions as much as possible in the first place. This requires a completely different methodology and different skill and solutions sets than the simple “fail first then recover” model that is so prevalent today. While traditional DR solutions no longer meet the needs of large, multi-platform companies, hybrid recovery architectures offer a way to contain costs in the face of ever-increasing demands for higher availability. Our architecture designs leverage the continuously improving price-performance ratio of computing infrastructure, new generation disaster recovery techniques and advanced hardware/software technologies to provide a recovery platform that will improve RTOs and RPOs, simplify recovery planning and scale more cost effectively.

With a WTG-designed hybrid recovery architecture, recoverability becomes a natural byproduct of a continuous operating environment.