Most organizations have a small handful of ultra-critical applications. Or sometimes, they have a small handful of problem applications—those that are too big, or too old, or too distributed, or just too something to recover according to the business’ needs. These applications often seem to take over the entire planning effort. Disproportionate time, energy and budget are spent trying to recover these apps and too often, the rest of the environment suffers.

WTG can design application-specific recovery solutions for these problem applications become just another integrated part of your overall capability. We have the benefit of seeing first-hand how hundreds of different tools, techniques and technologies speed and simplify recovery of large, critical applications. We will work with your experts and show you how to use your existing technology in new ways to handle these unruly apps. And if your current technology just won’t do it, we can introduce you to new technology that can be adopted quickly and cost-effectively. Often, these new technologies are leverageable to solve other challenges in your environment for the same investment.