WTG’s robust NextGen DR and BC Plan format enables the use of greatly Simplified Operational Action Plans (S.O.A.P.s) for each business department. S.O.A.P.s are not recovery focused, instead they are operationally focused and guide the business units on how to conduct business operations at time of disaster—without normal application access. S.O.A.P.s focus on proactively protecting local, non-machine readable vital records, replacing critical business assets and on effective temporary re-deployment of personnel.

The S.O.A.P.s will also provide specific procedures for the three main departmental responsibilities that cannot be addressed by site disaster recovery or business continuity planning: Bridging – manual operating procedures to minimize the impact of the interruption while IT services are being restored and to simplify the subsequent catch-up process; Lost Data Management – procedures to re-source and/or re-enter lost data from the time of the last backup; and Catch-up – the process by which interrupted or delayed processing is brought current after system restoration.