We believe that WTG is uniquely qualified to help your company achieve their business continuity and disaster recovery objectives. The owner and founder of WTG has been in these industries since their inception and developed many of the technologies and methodologies that represent today’s standard and the baseline for today’s practitioner certification. He has built and managed commercial hotsite facilities and developed the design and techniques that today’s virtual hotsites employ to share infrastructure between multiple companies concurrently. He has supported thousands of business continuity recovery tests on every platform imaginable and has supported several successful disaster recoveries.

Over 25 years ago, he founded The William Travis Group to offer our clients a truly independent source for custom recovery solutions and high caliber, hands-on implementation services. Since then, WTG has worked on some of the largest, most complicated projects in the industry and has successfully implemented disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for businesses of all types and sizes in a wide variety of public and private sectors world-wide. Our consultants have worked in all areas of contingency planning including risk assessment, business impact analysis, alternate site analysis, recovery architecture design, high availability implementations, highly recoverable infrastructures, IT recovery plan development for mainframes and open systems and full organizational business continuity development and implementation.

We have seen literally hundreds of different approaches to business continuity planning. We know what works and what doesn’t. And we know that it is no longer sufficient to address global business continuity needs with outdated methodologies or to work for decades to establish a recovery capability that can never be tested end-to-end. Instead, the focus must be to facilitate resilient business operations… that is, to prevent disaster interruptions as much as possible in the first place. This requires a completely different methodology and a different set of skills and solutions than the prevalent “fail first then recover” model.

Unfortunately, traditional continuity solutions and prevalent methodologies no longer meet the needs of large, multi-platform companies who must contain costs in the face of global complexity and ever-increasing demands for higher availability. In the best case, these dated methodologies will lead companies to waste a great deal of time, effort and money while they try to create state-of-the-art continuity solutions with a dated approach. In the worst case, a company’s very recoverability may be threatened. In contrast, WTG has spent the last fifteen years designing our NextGen Advanced Business Continuity™ (NextGen ABC™) methodology to provide a faster, less expensive and more effective approach to business continuity.

WTG’s experience is unparalleled. Our methodology is unique. And our results are proven. Our business strategy is simple: to stay focused and dedicated to business continuity and disaster recovery, to continually advance the state of the art, to stay small to ensure the absolute best quality staff and customer service, and to ensure that every client becomes a reference. To accomplish our strategy, our approach to consulting is different. Our consultants are measured on customer satisfaction, not billable hours. They have a singular focus on performance and their goal is to exceed your expectations on a continuous basis.

In the final analysis, there are three important differences between WTG and other business continuity consulting firms: 1) we have learned from the lessons of the industry’s first twenty years and have specifically enhanced our methodology to leverage those lessons to our client’s benefit, 2) our solutions always pay for themselves…often many times over, and 3) we shorten the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) through planning, not spending.

And our NextGen solutions have saved our clients tens of millions of dollars!