The best possible recovery solution is to not fail in the first place. WTG specializes in advanced system and platform availability architectures that are implemented across both the production and recovery sides of the enterprise to produce a highly-leveraged, holistic capability with an almost immediate R.O.I.

We apply high availability technologies and techniques to dramatically increase production availability, while concurrently reducing recovery time-frames and alternate site footprints. Relevant technologies (including data replication, deduplication, hypervisors, cloud storage, storage virtualization, etc.) applied holistically across the entire environment (production, test, development, model office, sandbox, etc.) create a highly-leveraged technology asset that extends and enhances both continuity and recoverability…and it does so at price points that were unheard of as little as 12 months ago.

For the first time, technology can actually prevent a disaster from occurring and can provide true business continuity. High Availability (HA) techniques applied to critical systems or platforms increases production availability and at the same time, reduces the cost and complexity of recovery. Better yet, existing HA initiatives can be readily extended geographically through additional technologies with the result being CA (Continuous Availability)… a level of uninterruptible continuity few companies have enjoyed to date!