CPR™ – Current Preparedness Review

CPR™ – Current Preparedness Review 2016-11-02T14:33:33+00:00

Today, all businesses must address disaster recovery or business continuity planning as a responsibility to their stakeholders. And although disaster preparedness is a critical component of continuous business, it often takes a second seat to daily issues that seem to be more important at the moment… that is until the disaster strikes.

Every business makes decisions about how and where they allocate their resources. And while it’s OK to make these trade-offs knowingly, it can be disastrous to make them assumptively. You must know exactly what your recovery capabilities are… which business processes are protected and which are not… how fast you can recover and how far in arrears you will be once you do? Without this information, you won’t be making a decision, you’ll be making a bet—one that may cost far more than you can afford!

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because you have a recovery capability in place, that your business is fully protected. More often than not, somebody has already made assumptions that you are living with. Wouldn’t you be better off knowing what those assumptions were and what they mean to your ability to conduct business?

CPR (Current Preparedness Review) is a quick and efficient way to determine your current state of disaster resistance and/or business continuity. All recovery planning components including alternate sites, hardware and software availability, data readiness, vital records, application synchronization, off-site storage and plan documents are reviewed to determine their applicability to meet stated business continuity requirements. We also assess your key availability and recoverability technologies for their applicability, use and effectiveness in supporting and recovering data centers, open system platforms and business units. A comprehensive report is prepared defining all exposures and includes specific recommendations to correct them.