The William Travis Group, Inc.

More Tough Questions…

Are the basic assumptions of your recovery plan still valid for 2018 and beyond? Can you really restore all backup data in the time allowed by your recovery time objective? [...]

State of the Industry

Global business practices, multi-site shared processing, e-commerce, new storage architectures and specialized distributed operations are forcing new requirements for much higher levels of system availability, recoverability and continuous operating [...]

WTG does for you what the other guys won’t:

End-to-end delivery of advanced continuity capabilities, from strategy through design, development, implementation and testing. Leverage your existing IT infrastructure, working with the details of your production environment to derive, build [...]

Some of WTG’s Services

Business Continuity – (Continuous Operations Planning) The best solution to recovery is avoid an interruption in the first place. WTG develops pragmatic, real-world continuous operating solutions that incorporate the latest [...]

Ask the Hard Questions…

The Short List ; ) How does your plan help you dynamically define the recovery steps for the specific disaster event? How does your plan incorporate remote resources and [...]