Real-world business continuity solutions require balance. Balance between technology issues and business drivers…between internal resources and external components…between in-house knowledge and specialized expertise. And between systems recovery and business continuity.

A balanced solution must provide recovery as a component of continuity, not an alternative. Meeting this challenge in complex business environments requires a combination of technical skills, application knowledge, recovery expertise, and business acumen. It also requires the creativity and motivation to create solutions that leverage every legitimate option to your benefit.

Our Iterative Business Process Decomposition approach identifies mission-critical process dependencies better than the traditional business impact analysis (BIA). Analysis of application data cycles correlates the business process to the underlying system requirements. Hands-on experience in the largest, most complicated IT environments gives us the requisite technical expertise of the hardware, software and network infrastructures. And our broad recovery experience allows us to understand all of the available solutions for component recovery of mainframes, open systems, networks, applications and communications.

WTG’s unique ability to weigh component recovery options in the context of business process interactions connects the dots of the recovery architecture puzzle. The result is pragmatic business continuity solutions that balance protection and risk, and provide infrastructure recoverability as an inherent part of business continuity to companies of all sizes.