Our approach to consulting is different. WTG consultants are measured on customer satisfaction, not billable hours, and have a singular focus on performance. Our goal is to exceed your expectations on a continual basis. To do so, our consultants…

  • have a minimum of 5 years direct, hands-on business continuity experience
  • are specifically recruited to offer more depth than the big firms and more breadth than the boutiques
  • work with a limited number of clients at any time to devote the attention needed to understand your business from the inside out
  • focus on client retention not acquisition
  • actively seek solutions that leverage current spending to provide “free” synergistic benefits like production fail-over
  • strive to pay for their fees through the savings our solutions return
  • make recommendations based on business requirements, not the capabilities of the latest available software or hardware

In short, our approach makes the difference between well-intentioned promises and measurable performance.