It’s absolutely critical to know that your consulting firm is looking out for your interests…so please, ask the hard questions.

Staying vendor-independent grants us the freedom to design best-of-breed solutions and more importantly, the motivation to ensure that they work. And our NextGen methodology guarantees that everything we do is driven by the needs of your business. We start in a fundamentally different place (business processes) so that you end in a fundamentally different place (business continuity).

WTG’s cross-functional continuity architectures, orientation on business processes, and best-of-breed solutions have enabled our clients to

  • reduce the cost of a $300K /mo. recovery architecture to $40K/mo. while gaining increased functionality
  • relocate three pieces of backup hardware to achieve free, continuous production fail-over
  • eliminate a $3 million dollar capital expense for a hardened data center by simply introducing the business requirements of one overlooked remote site into the continuity equation
  • discover a fundamental flaw in a vital records program that would have completely disabled chances of recovery…after the capability had already been actively tested for over five years
  • trace the business flow of an entire industry, which enabled the first industry-wide recovery architecture discussions
  • consolidate 30 production data centers into 10 with a single recovery site
  • save over $20M in a renegotiated five-year hotsite agreement
  • reduce outsourcing fees for data replication by over $70K per month

When it comes to business continuity, there are three kinds of companies: those who are looking for recovery or continuity in name, not in fact; those who have the expertise to know exactly what they need and simply want the infrastructure to implement; and those who view continuity as a fundamental business objective and require the biggest bang for their “continuity buck”.

For those of you who fall into the last category, these results should speak for themselves.