Clearly, executive management plays a crucial role at time of disaster. But too often they are not involved in the recovery exercises or are only involved on a token basis…maybe participating in the notification exercise for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, executive management is no better prepared to perform their recovery responsibilities without training than are any other team members. Given the importance of their roles, they should be at the top of the list for serious training.

Our senior management will work directly with your senior management to ensure that they are ready to perform their roles should a disaster event occur. In the course of a four-hour intensive workshop, your management team will learn: where to find and how to use their plans, how to contact recovery team members, which social and life safety issues they need to coordinate, how to evaluate the current and future impact of the event, how to definitively assess which parts of the enterprise have been or may be impacted, when to communicate and when not to, and how to ensure that they are even better prepared for the next event.