The purpose of Real Time Maintenance (Change Control) is to protect your original investment and to ensure that your DR/BC capability, once developed, will always support the latest recovery requirements as your environment continuously evolves.

Somewhere between 40 – 70% of your plan is in constant flux. Recovery teams, contact lists, hardware inventories, server configurations, work area needs, critical applications, RTOs and RPOs all change on a continuous basis. Unless your plan changes on a continuous basis too, you will find yourself either paying too much or recovering too little.

Real Time Maintenance uses change control procedures combined with our proprietary AutoMaintain technology to ensure that changes in your environment are immediately reflected in your plans. Regular feeds from your systems of record are programmatically “evaluated” by our NextGen Smart Documents and updated plans are generated automatically. When a judgement call is required, the Smart Documents automatically email and follow-up with the responsible parties until the question is resolved.

Our approach ensures minimal staff involvement, minimal maintenance overhead and maximum currency and accurateness. You can rest easy knowing that your plans are always up to date and consistent with your latest recovery requirements.