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Few recovery team members have ever experienced an actual disaster event. The only way that they can be prepared for the real thing is through comprehensive training. And in most circumstances, training is spelled T-E-S-T-I-N-G.

Fundamentally, there are two ways of training/testing: physical and simulated. Both should be used and everyone from the most senior management to the newest team member to outside vendors, customers and suppliers should be trained. Training and testing is also one of the best ways to develop and sustain interest and vibrancy in the program.

WTG works with our clients to develop a life-cycle testing program that steadily improves their recovery capabilities and protects not only the business, but the investment in the recovery capability.

Training & eLearning
A wide range of business continuity, disaster recovery and all-risk incident management courses are offered for instructor-led or Web-based delivery.
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TableTop Exercises
Fully scripted, turnkey tabletop exercises on a range of interesting, real-world scenarios.
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Unit Pretests
Fully coordinated system tests to exercise specific recovery procedures in the home environment.
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Physical Testing
Start-to-finish assistance with test prep ranging from define the scenario, to timeline development, to monitoring progress to post-test critique.
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Business Unit Operational Exercises
Operational exercises to help prepare your business departments to “bridge” the IT outage and to conduct business operations during and after a disaster event.
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Mock Disaster Exercises
Mock disaster drills conducted for scopes ranging from surprise tabletop exercises to major site simulations including participation of local police, fire and emergency responders.
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Notification Tests
Notification, mobilization and deployment are three of the most important immediate reaction steps…and they don’t happen automatically…even with automatic systems.
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Executive Management Exercises
Your execs have an important role to play at time of disaster and they are no better prepared to perform it without training than any other team member.
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Incident Management Exercises
Help from the public responders can make or break your company’s recovery effort…make sure you connect with your public half before the disaster.
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Life-Cycle Testing
Make the most of your testing resources with a long-term life-cycle testing program.
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