WTG’s NextGen plans are broader in scope, deeper in detail, easier to read, easier to maintain and easier to use at-time-of-disaster. And, they are far easier to implement. Where you already have suitable procedures, we will incorporate them as is—no conversion to our format is required. Where current procedures do not exist, we can develop them for you in a fraction of the time it would take you to do so in-house and you’ll have the confidence of knowing that those procedures are tried and true.

All NextGen plans are modular and “plug-into” our All-Risk Incident Management framework to ensure vertical command and control and horizontal integration across departments, business units and locations. They are also event-agnostic (e.g. not dependent of type/nature of the incident), impact-specific (reflect the actual impact scenario, i.e. loss of both IT and work area as opposed to IT or work area individually), response-proportionate (to address multiple levels of severity and losses from component level failure  to complete site loss), size-appropriate (administratively suited for the relative size of the site), multi-threaded (coordinating multiple concurrent recovery activities) and declaration-preemptive (facilitating controlled, preemptive response prior to disaster declaration).

Our plans are developed 100% in Microsoft Office and require no other software to build or maintain. There are no start-up delays, no learning curves for your administrators, no compatibility issues, no license fees and no usability concerns at-time-of-disaster. Our published and distributed plans concurrently support access to the static published documents and at the same time, interactive access to the underlying data so it can be sorted, filtered, prioritized, etc. based on your needs at-time-of-disaster.

Or, if you want the most advanced cloud-based plan the market as to offer, you can have your cake and eat it too. Access the most detailed plans available by site, plan type, stage of recovery, team, task or any combination thereof. Enjoy all the detail you can use, but only if and when you need to use it!

All of our plans also use our AutoMaintain™ technology to completely automate the most common and burdensome maintenance tasks such as call list updates, wallet card formatting, email distribution lists, departmental plan access and much more. Integrated macros are delivered free with each plan so that you get the benefit of dedicated software planning tools without their cost or complexity. Or if you prefer, all NextGen plans can be loaded into any of the software planning tools available in the marketplace.

All-Risk Incident Management Plan Development
A comprehensive umbrella plan that prepares your organization to respond to any incident anywhere, anytime.
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Disaster Recovery Plan Development
An impact-scenario based plan that guides the optimal response from component level failure to complete site loss.
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Business Continuity Plan Development
Comprehensive, made-to-size plans for recovering anything from the main campus to a small remote office.
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Departmental S.O.A.P.™ Plan Development
Simplified Operational Action Plans direct emergency business operations for your critical processes.
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Crisis Communication Plan Development
Communications to the public, the press, suppliers and other external entities for damage control and public relations.
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Pandemic Operations Plan Development
Address the business and social concerns that will arise during a pandemic.
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Manufacturing Continuity Plan Development
Plan to keep your product flowing during a disaster event.
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Supply Chain Continuity Plan Development
Integrate your plans with those of your suppliers and your customers and reduce both upstream and downstream dependencies.
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