Too often, plan maintenance focuses on the data in the plan, not on the “plan” itself. But the plan must be continuously improved. Its timeline must be constantly fine-tuned. Its wording must be continuously simplified. And, its usability must be consistently enhanced.

All WTG NextGen plans are updated annually according to a rigorous continual improvement process. All of the accumulated lessons learned from across our practice and our client base during the previous year are fully integrated into the new version of our NextGen plans. New action steps are added, the latest best practices are incorporated, lessons learned from the year’s testing are integrated, and enhancements for the latest technologies are built-in. The new version is then distributed to our maintenance clients, integrated with their data and distributed to their recovery teams ensuring them the latest and most thoroughly tested plan for their recovery needs.

Periodic maintenance and audits ensure that those areas of the recovery capability that are not subject to change control are captured and recorded so that the recovery capability and the environment that it is protecting stay completely synchronized.