WTG combines innovative strategies, unparalleled experience, broad product knowledge and hands-on technical skills into the most cost- and operationally-effective continuity and incident management programs to be found in the industry today.

WTG differentiates ourselves because the solutions we craft for our clients are:

Indisputably Impartial
We only offer our clients our services…we do not sell or resell hot-sites, software, hardware or any other company’s services or products. Our clients know without a doubt that when we recommend a solution, it’s because we believe it’s in their best interest, not because we’re getting a commission or spiff under the table.

Singularly Focused
We offer Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and All-Risk Incident Management services. Period. Every single resource we have is 100% dedicated to achieving excellence to this end.

Unabashedly Skeptical
We pride ourselves on finding better ways of doing things and reject the status quo. As a result, our proprietary tools and techniques offer our clients the best price-performance possible.

Unrelentingly Pragmatic
The single biggest improvement we offer our clients is integration of incident management, business continuity, and disaster recovery into the daily fabric of their organization. This integration provides day-to-day benefits that make continuity planning an investment with a measurable R.O.I. as opposed to an expense driven by unknown probabilities.

Uncompromisingly Client-centric
We continually strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and we have a 25+ year history of successfully doing so. Our track record is impeccable and our client references reflect 100% satisfaction. Yes, 100%!

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