WTG’s NextGen business continuity plans are unique in the industry. They are more detailed; more sensitive to the recovery timeline; more specific in terms of who, what, when, where, why; easier to use at time of disaster; easier to implement and far easier to maintain than typical plans. They are purpose-built to accommodate the different loss scenarios that different site structures produce and size-specific to ensure that small branch office and a large corporate campus both have the detail they need and only the detail they need. And all of our NextGen business continuity plans use proprietary techniques to shorten reaction times and enable faster recovery than is typical.

Our BC plans address all seven stages of recovery: react to the event, respond to the situation, restore the work area utility, recover applications, resume business processing, return to the impacted site and renormalize operations. Plans are action oriented to direct recovery efforts efficiently and to minimize maintenance requirements. Supporting procedures are automated whenever possible to completely eliminate much of the typical maintenance overhead. Action Plans, once developed for your site’s loss scenario and recovery architecture, require zero ongoing maintenance. Supporting procedures are segmented from the action plans to reduce maintenance efforts even further.

Plans are developed in Microsoft Office and can integrated on any recovery planning software tool. Over 100 action tasks, 1,200 action items and 54 supporting appendices provide 100% of what is needed for an efficient recovery. All NextGen BC plans can either stand alone or integrate seamlessly with our NextGen Incident Management Plan and other All-Risk Plans.