Working from home is great, but it isn’t for everyone…especially at-time-of-disaster.

More and more organizations think that letting staff work from home with a laptop solves their time-of-disaster work area needs. Unfortunately, even if the solution can meet the need, it often doesn’t!

First, laptops are the most expensive computer solution and should only be issued if mobility is a requirement of the job. But more importantly, few organizations require laptops to be brought home every night, let alone taken to every break and every lunch. A laptop that is left in the office when the office burns down or is “buried” under a foot of snow does little to help the recovery process. And, if the staff is required to take their laptops everywhere, you had better be prepared for a never-ending buzz of complaints. Even if you solve all of these challenges, working from home will not even begin to address the proximity needs that certain functions/staff require.

Fortunately, there is a wide-range of functional and cost-effective alternate work area solutions currently available and some exciting new technologies that are enabling more and more solutions every day. WTG can design a work area solution to meet all of your needs, including: location independence, infrastructure independence, multi-site re-purposable, landline and cell line independence, regional disaster resistance and much more.