The best way to really get the feeling of what happens during a disaster event is to conduct a Mock Disaster. A Mock Disaster is similar in concept to a Tabletop exercise, but much, much larger in scope. Most Mock Disaster exercises play-out very elaborate scenarios that are intricately defined. They also usually involve participation of suppliers, vendors, customers and often municipal authorities. Many involve much more sophisticated “acting” and often use extensive props to simulate the actual event.

The problem is that most organizations outside of the public sector never really step-up to a Mock Disaster exercise. Usually, it just takes too much time and effort to develop the all of the details needed to ensure a smooth execution. That’s were WTG can help. We can design a turn-key exercise of any scope, for any scenario in a fraction of the time it would take in-house. And we can manage the exercise to ensure a realistic event that dramatically increase your team’s knowledge and experience.