Executive IBPD

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More and more companies inherently acknowledge the need for disaster recovery and business continuity planning. As such, they often forego the details of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA). Others refresh their BIA information every two or three years. In either case, the time and cost of a full-blown needs/impact analysis is often not necessary.

In these cases, an Executive IBPD is the perfect fit. Once your staff is familiar with the process and your initial requirements have been defined, an Executive IBPD can refresh your information in a fraction of the time (and for a fraction of the cost) of a full-blown BIA. Our proprietary IBPD tool enables us to conduct the necessary interviews online via WebEx so that typical scheduling difficulties are completely eliminated…we give you direct access to our calendars and you simply schedule any open time that matches your staff’s availability. There’s never been an easier or more accurate way to define your latest requirements.