Curious about how your DR/BC Plan compares to similar business?  Ask yourself some of the hard questions…

  1. How does your plan help you decide if and when to declare a disaster?
  2. How does your plan direct proportionate responses to differing disaster impacts?
  3. How does your plan direct different communication messages to different audiences via different communications vehicles ATOD (At Time of Disaster)?
  4. How does your plan coordinate team notification, mobilization and deployment across multiple recovery sites ATOD and how does it facilitate multi-team and joint team structures?
  5. How does your plan direct the execution sequence of recovery tasks ATOD?
  6. How does your plan model support operating departments, branch offices, regional offices and home offices?
  7. How does your plan address disruption to the chain of command ATOD?
  8. How does you plan address non-business continuity incidents like pandemic operations, supply chain continuity, product liability, etc.?
  9. How does your plan address enterprise-wide incident oversight ATOD?
  10. How does your plan stay current and evergreen?