WTG has a unique perspective that is invaluable when it comes to negotiating commercial recovery solutions. We know the hotsite business from the inside, better than most of the vendors know it themselves. And we know recovery from the outside, at a hands-on level that few if any of the vendor’s negotiators begin to understand. Depending on the size of your recovery footprint, WTG can provide hands-on specification and negotiation assistance for a new or modified subscription can literally save millions of dollars over the life of the contract.

We know which terms the major vendors will and will not accept. We know the going rate for services as well as the minimum rate, which arms us to get the best prices. We have successfully negotiated creative upgrade clauses that recognize the rapid depreciation of hardware to give you more coverage with more flexibility. We know how to get our clients long-term prices in contracts with “outs” that allow flexibility as your requirements and options change. And we accomplish this while maintaining a win-win environment that ensures an excellent vendor relationship for the all-important support needed at time of disaster. The subscription savings we gain in the first contract year alone more than pays for our fees with latter year savings dropping right to the bottom line.

WTG’s contracts provide 1) flexibility improvement (e.g. more favorable terms and conditions to accommodate future initiatives), 2) financial improvement (e.g. equal or acceptable recoverability for less cost), and/or 3) operational improvement over pre-project alternatives (e.g. improved recoverability for equal / acceptable cost). We represent you and work directly with the vendor to ensure the most cost-effective contract while providing the broadest, most flexible protection.