The first step to disaster tolerance is risk avoidance. WTG will conduct a comprehensive Single-Point-of-Failure (SPOF) Analysis to determine exposures in your current environment that can be mitigated. Six exposure areas are examined: data availability and integrity, infrastructure (power, cabling, fire prevention, security, etc.), application architectures, upstream and downstream dependencies, network redundancy, and component hardware and software deployment. Our NextGen Point-of-Failure Analysis is a quick and efficient way to determine your current state of hardening and disaster resilience.

All mitigating components including alternate sites, hardware and software availability, data readiness, vital records, application synchronization, off-site storage and plan documents, are reviewed to determine their ability to reduce the likelihood and/or impact of exposure. All outstanding SPOFs will be ranked relative to their criticality level and a comprehensive report will define all exposures and include specific recommendations to correct them in a report suitable for senior management.