If people are an absolute necessity for a successful recovery, why do only 29% of companies with a Business Continuity Plan make allowances for workforce disruption?

Making sure that your people are ready, willing and able to work during a disaster event takes planning, and the perceived panacea of remote connectivity and working from home is only a small piece of the puzzle. WTG will first help establish policies and procedures defining the level of support the company is able to offer employees at time of disaster and the support you’ll expect from them in return–employees worrying about personal problems cannot focus on company concerns. We will also define short-term and long-term staffing alternatives, job-sharing possibilities, shift shifting, and work rerouting opportunities to mitigate the impact of workforce reduction that can accompany a regional disaster. We will architect a comprehensive alternate workarea solution that considers existing resiliency, application restrictions, connectivity requirements, workflow dependencies, proximity requirements, and time-of-day interfaces. And finally, we will recommend a comprehensive technology toolset to facilitate remote collaboration and minimize the logistical complexity of disparate work places.