Your focus is to keep the business running at all times… not at all costs.

Ours is to help you find the best way of doing so with proportionate solutions that reduce the cost of true continuity to that of simple recoverability, without increasing your risk or exposure. Sound confusing? That’s where WTG can help.

WTG starts where the others leave off. We specialize in pragmatic, custom architected business continuity solutions and are the experts of choice when it comes to achieving continuous operations in complex, multi-platform, multi-site, enterprise-wide environments.

Our entire focus is to develop and implement business continuity capabilities…complete business continuity capabilities. Capabilities designed to last and address all of the important areas, not just the sweet spots that the mass market focuses on. Our methodology fills the holes left by most others and addresses critical topics like business process analysis, application data cycles, production fail-over, preemptive crisis communications and managed roll-outs.

Our focus is fundamentally different. We start with the business process and end at continuity. Recovery actually falls somewhere in the middle.