One of the most frequently heard debates is still whether a plan should be scenario-based or not. Candidly, it hard to track either side of that argument, so let’s put the question to rest once and for all.

Plans should be event agnostic and impact specific. We’ll leave the decision rather that is or isn’t scenario-based to you.

Real question should be “Can one plan address all impact scenarios?”. Are your business process priorities the same on the fourth day of a month as they would be if the disaster occurred on the last day of the year? How about application RTOs? Are your application RTOs the same when you’ve lost all applications as they would be if you lost only one of three data center’s worth? How about the steps in your recovery process if you lost all of the fourth floor at headquarters versus only the west wing of the third floor?

The days of one plan for all disasters is long past. Create your plan at-time-of-disaster with the push of a button!