1. The only 25+ year uninterrupted line management, vision, continuous improvement and hands-on consulting in the industry
  2. The only NextGen methodology specifically designed for the complexities of the open system world A methodology that fosters resiliency not fail-first recovery
  3. The most unique, comprehensive and functional plan model in the industry
  4. A unique 3-dimensional perspective…in-house/hotsite/consulting
  5. Fastest possible development with minimal impact on your staff
  6. The best ability to reduce the cost of external hotsite costs and the strongest T&Cs in the industry
  7. more recoverability for less cost
  8. advanced recovery for the cost of traditional
  9. Impartial, industry recognized experts with no agenda other than to create the most functional and cost-effective recovery solution for Entertainment.
  10. The only vendor that can actually assist Entertainment with third party contract negotiations which can mean tens of thousands of dollars of measurable savings.
  11. A custom-crafted recovery architecture designed specifically for Entertainment without the creativity constraints imposed by “house solutions”, out-dated methodologies or proprietary interests and which fully leverages Entertainment’s current IT infrastructure and resources.
  12. Greater value resulting from WTG’s ability to leverage relationships to gain vertical technology/product expertise and assistance directly from primary vendors free of charge (i.e. IBM, STK, EMC, NetApp, etc.).
  13. A pragmatic solution that provides cost-effective continuity in fact, not in theory.
  14. An advanced methodology specifically designed for today’s high availability recovery needs, complicated data availability requirements and large mixed platform environments that can actually eliminate exposures and create an inherently more disaster-resistant
  15. A solution that exceeds industry Best Practices.
  16. Maximum utilization of the specialized knowledge and experience of Entertainment’s staff and maximum deference to their existing commitments.
  17. A more effective project approach that will provide all of the necessary information without the overhead and waste of a traditional analysis process